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It’s no secret that fashion designers have been inspired by past decades! The 70s has been all over the catwalk and high street for years now, not to mention classic styles from the 20s onwards.

I’m sure you’ll already know that vintage is one of my biggest loves, because it’s probably one of yours too! Even though I can only dream of catwalk collections, I enjoy looking at where the inspiration comes from and how it’s adapted for the modern (and very wealthy) woman.

That’s the wonderful thing about vintage clothing, it’s still such a huge inspiration for trends today. That 60s raincoat or 70s maxi that you purchased years ago will have outlived any of the trends on the high street! Those vintage pieces are bound to be far more sustainable too!

I must add that when it comes to clothing, I’m no advocate for what’s fashionable or of the moment. I believe you should wear what you want if it makes you feel good! Confidence and happiness in what you’re wearing are what it’s all about. I did however graduate in Fashion Brand Management and have a general interest in where fashion is heading.

So here’s a round up of my recent favourites, from London to New York. But first, we can’t avoid Gucci’s eclectic Autumn/Winter 18 show in Milan! Since this collection launched, it’s likely that your Facebook feed will have consisted of rubber dragons and waxwork heads. Not usually things you’d associate with catwalk shows, but hey, it’s got everyone talking! The collection itself is a vibrant combination of pieces influenced by different cultures, notably China, New York and the Middle East.


Admittedly, most of this collection isn’t my kind of thing, but can we just take a minute to swoon over this lace maxi dress? It’s so beautiful and would look amazing with the PVC coat from the middle outfit! Pastel’s don’t seem to be disappearing any time soon and mint green and nude make the perfect combination! I’m also enjoying the Margot Tenenbaum vibes of the last outfit too.

I’m not quite sure how to follow the visual spectacle of Gucci’s Autumn/Winter collection, but here’s some favourites from London Fashion Week, including Shrimps and Temperley.

Shrimps is a label I recently discovered, you too may have seen that lovely Wes Anderson jumper. Launched in 2013 by designer Hannah Weiland, Shrimps embodies a classic retro feel for the 60s loving, modern woman. I love these two looks, particularly that coat with the leopard print scarf!

Now on to Temperely, which went for military meets glamour. Even though the army trend has been around forever, I haven’t really seen it styled in this way and it works beautifully! I’d highly recommend having a look at the full collection here.


Next up, this Anna Sui collection from New York Fashion Week is so stunning it speaks for itself! Heavily inspired by late 60s and early 70s fashion, these pieces combine beautiful prints with metallic detail, giving them a more modern feel. You may have noticed a bit of a colour continuation here too, what can I say, I like pastels okay?


Finally, I’ve saved my favourite until last. There’s nothing I don’t like about this beautiful Zimmermann collection, from it’s romantic ruffles to whimsical prints, it’s perfect! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll probably know I’m obsessed with Florence Welch and this collection has Florence vibes all over it!


Photos: Vogue

What’s been your favourite collection? What do you think of Gucci’s latest show? It’d be great to hear your thoughts!

Sending lots of vintage love,

Sameera x

by Sameera

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